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How to upload data to the OEP: 2 ways💙

The OEP has multiple functionalities. Any user can upload data. Depending on the experience of the user, two different paths may be selected.

The users, who have technical experience: can connect to the API and use the sandbox for testing the API connection. The sandbox is not visible on the platform. The upload process is very fast, but beware, the sandbox gets deleted regularly. Once accustomed to the sandbox, the user may use the model draft and upload real data within a project.

The users, who like it easy: can use the upload wizard, which is very intuitive and provides good support for all mandatory fields. The data uploaded with the upload wizard will be stored in the model draft. In the model draft, the data is visible, the upload process is fast and the model draft connects to GitHub.

As soon as the final data is finalized and the user makes no further changes, the data can be permanently stored at the corresponding topic. The stored data become visible to others. The upload process can take some time. The metadata and their evolution is stored in GitHub.

Hands-on reading: One beginners guide to help you get started is here