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Welcome to the Open Energy Compendium#

About the Open Energy Family#

The Open Energy Family is a comprehensive open science framework that aims to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable and renewable energy system. The project is focused on creating and promoting open-source technologies, publicly accessible data, and transparent methods for energy system modeling. Its ultimate goal is to support collaborative research on solutions for research data management and modeling in the field of energy systems.

Thanks to its commitment to openness, transparency, and accessibility, the Open Energy Family has already achieved considerable success in the research field. It is continuously being developed through state-funded research projects to improve its capabilities and effectiveness.

The framework's emphasis on collaboration and community-driven innovation makes it an essential tool for researchers, scientists, and policymakers working towards a more sustainable energy future. By providing a platform for sharing ideas, data, and methods, the Open Energy Family aims to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable and equitable energy system.