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The Factsheets on the OEP are a standardized collection and presentation of information about frameworks, software, and scenarios used in climate and energy system modelling. The use of interactive fields and pre-defined responses is designed to make it easy to insert data and filter for existing entries.

Framework Factsheet#

The Frameworks Factsheets are designed to show the different software frameworks used for modeling energy system and energy system analysis. These frameworks offer a systematic approach to simulate, analyze, and sometimes optimize energy systems comprising diverse energy sources, conversion technologies, transmission networks, and consumption patterns. The factsheets aim to provide insights into the methodologies and applications of these frameworks.

Access the Framework Factsheets

Model Factsheet#

The model factsheet characterizes models used in energy system analysis in a structured way regarding important characteristics, such as their scope and license and their developing institutions. You are developing a model? Then you can inform about its characteristics here. The models available as a factsheet can be integrated as an element into a scenario bundle which weaves together important information about scenarios, such as the model used for conducting a scenario projection, data provided on the OEP, and publications.

Access the Model Factsheets