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Scenario Bundles#

The Scenario Bundles provide a interface to store and present dedicated information about specific scenarios for which projection data is available on the OEP. They are based on the concepts available in the Open Energy Ontology (OEO) and the Open Energy Knowledge Graph (OEKG). This enables the OEP to include information on the scenario projection data available in the database, the corresponding frameworks and models applied (available as factsheets on the OEP),and the study context.

In detail we specify scenario bundles as:

Scenario bundles weave together important information about one or more scenarios. They inform about studies made based on a scenario, including publications (= study report).

If there is quantitative input data and / or output data available on the OEP, the scenario bundles can link to that data, too. They can also inform about models (if available as a model factsheet) and frameworks (if available as a framework factsheet) that were used to project a scenario into the future (= scenario projection).

In a nutshell: A scenario bundle provides you with all relevant information to understand a scenario's context and to ease a potential re-use of quantitative data for your purposes.

Access the Scenario Bundles

Scenario Bundles on the OpenEnergyPlatform#

The main page displays a list of bundles created by various users and organizations. Users can select a bundle to view it in detail or click the scenario badges to start a qualitative comparison.

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List of bundles

Bundles can be accessed in two modes: view mode, which allows users to see the bundles. The edit mode enables users to make changes to the bundles.

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View a bundle

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Edit a bundle and add scenarios

The comparison show scenarios from different bundles next to each other and displays similarities and differences for comparison.

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An example of a qualititative comparison between bundles