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01 - Introduction#

We have created training courses which provide various material on how to interact with the Open Energy Platform (OEP). Each training course provides learning materials which cater to different levels of expertise. Some are targeted at fluent programmers, others are targeted at persons who prefer to interact with the OEP visually.

Each of these materials is described by a short abstract that will help you decide whether this is material that will be helpful for you. If it is, please click the link to view the material.

As a visual guide regarding what to expect behind the links, we use the following icons:

links to written training material. The material may include some code for guidance.

links to material focussing on code.

is some informational text without a link to specific material.

links to video material.

Our training courses can grow over time. If you see the need for further documentation, please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form.