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02 - How to get started with the Open Energy Family and Platform#

Learn how to register as a user with the Open Energy Platform (OEP) and why and how to register also with github.

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For whom is this training and what can you learn?#

This module is aimed at researchers, policy makers and any interested person, who

  • wants to interact as a user with the OEP
  • wants to contribute to development of the OEP and Open Energy Family (OEF) members

After reading the sections of this training course you will

  • be able to interact as a user with the OEP
  • understand why a github account is needed to contribute to development
  • be able to register with github

How do I get started with the OEP?#

How do I register with the Open Energy Platform?

To upload your data to open energy database of the OEP, you will need to have a user account. Here, we show you how to register with the OEP. Click the Login button on the top right of the homepage and choose the option Create a new account. You can also go directly to Register. Then fill out the required fields and click on Submit. You will receive an activation email, sent to your email address. Simply follow the instructions received in the email. After successfully activating and logging into your account, you will see your information as in the screenshot:

The API token is necessary to make authenticated requests to the API. You will use the API in case you want to connect to the OEP using programming skills. After you logged into the OEP, click the member icon at the upper right corner:

You can find your API-Token under Your Security Information by clicking on Show token:

Why and how to register with github?#

Why register with github?

When you interact with the OEP you also interact with the Open Energy Family (OEF). The development of the OEF and OEP is a community effort that takes place openly at github in the github group Open Energy Platform. There, the various family members of the OEF are developed in different repositories. We welcome you to also participate in their development. To be able to do so, you will thus need to register with github. You can do so at no cost.

How to register with github and become part of the Open Energy Family team?

If you do not yet have a github account, you need to register with github. You will then need to become a member of the group OpenEnergyPlatform by getting invited to the group. This works as follows: Get in touch via the OpenEnergy Platform contact form. Fill in the form with your request to be added to the OpenEnergyPlatform group on github. An example text is provided in the screenshot below:

A response will not be immediate. Please wait until you receive an invitation to the github group.

About this course#


  • Authors: Hannah Förster
  • Copyright: (c) Öko-Institut (2023)
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  • License: CC BY 4.0
  • Attribution: Öko-Institut (2023): How to get started with the Open Energy Family and Platform. Last update: 2023-05-17
  • You can provide feedback to this course on github: