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How to download data from the OEP - CSV and datapackage#

You want to download and access data? Then simply look out for these two buttons when you are viewing a data table - green for csv download only, yellow for datapackage download. It is as easy as this.

Click the image to jump to a dataset to try yourself.

You can download any data table on the OEP. Both downloads include the corresponding data table as a csv file.

The datapackage additionally holds the attached metadata as a json string. It thus provides you with all necessary information as a neat package and we recommend using this. The datapackage is delivered as a .zip file.

About this tutorial#


  • Authors: Hannah Förster
  • Copyright: Öko-Institut (2022)
  • License: CC BY 4.0
  • Attribution: Öko-Institut (2022): How to download data from the OEP - CSV and datapackage. Last update: 2024-07-22