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07 - Metadata#

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Who is this course for and what can you learn?#

This course is aimed at researchers, who want to

  • publish their data on the OEP
  • provide metadata along with their energy data

After reading the sections of this training course you will know

  • what OEMetadata are and how they are structured
  • where to find data with OEMetadata and how to create your own
  • how to upload, download and edit OEMetadata
  • how to use the different tools available for OEMetadata

Introduction: What is Metadata?#

Metadata, in simple terms, refer to data about data. They provide valuable information regarding the characteristics, properties, and context of a specific data item. Metadata answer the questions of "who, what, when, where, and how" related to the data. Metadata plays a crucial role in organizing, managing, and understanding information.

What is the Open Energy Metadata?#

What's the meaning of all the metadata keys?#

  • The OEMetadata repository provides a comprehensive list of keys, along with their meanings and examples of their uses, in the key description section.

How can I work with OEMetadata?#

What other tools to work with OEMetadata are there?#

  • A tool for metadata conversion and integration is OMI
  • An additional helpful tool for publishing a set of data with associated metadata is oem2orm. It can translate table descriptions from metadata into a database structure via an object relational mapper. That way it can take a valid pair of data and metadata and upload it directly to the OEP. The structures of both need to be valid.
  • The oep client is a tool that can create, upload, download and delete tables. It also downloads and updates metadata. It's more versatile than oem2orm but less focussed on metadata. There is a tutorial using the oep-client to upload some data and metadata
  • How to Validate that your metadata is a datapackage

Supplementary material and further readings#

  • A poster that describes the structure of the OEMetadata and their relation to the Open Energy Ontology:
  • [Poster] Open Energy Metadata (OEMetadata): Publishing Energy Data Enriched with Ontology References DOI
  • A presentation that describes the ontology structure in detail and puts it in broader context
  • [Presentation] Capacity building session - Hülk - Publication of FAIR Data and Metadata: DOI

About this course#